Jon Brant's Portfolio

I'm Jon Brant, and I've been working with Unity since 2018. Since then I've been experimenting and prototyping extensively, consuming any learning materials I can get my hands on.

Over the years, I've created many projects. I also build tools to help me rapidly prototype projects, one of which I have published on the Unity asset store.

I am an obsessive learner, spending time reading about best practices and patterns, as well as studying existing packages from the asset store. This has given me a strong foundation in both Unity and C# in general. Leveraging what I've learned, as well as the assets themselves, I'm able to rapidly prototype robust, scalable games.

I believe being able to quickly evaluate ideas and explore concepts through prototyping is one of the most important skills a game developer can have. As a solo developer I have made this my main focus. I really enjoy this type of development and it has been key to broadening my abilities.

I am currently working as main programmer on Era Spheres, an upcoming MMO Action RPG.